Stair Lift for Elderly
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There are many reasons to consider a consider a stairlift for elderly parents. Obstacles like stairs around the home can become impossible and difficult to use as people age. Going up or down the stairs can be a painful experience especially as our loved ones get older. There is an alternative that can help you get over the difficulties in your home. Stair lifts have become the choice for most elderly people with limited mobility.

Stair Lift for Elderly

Reason #1 | Freedom

Stairlifts helps you get around your home with ease and without the help from others. Going up or down the stairs can be a painful experience and you may need assistance or help. Stairlifts are easy to use and does not require professional operation. Anyone can use the stairlift easily and freely. It is as easy as strapping yourself in and moving up or down. You will be able to get to all the levels of your home in a few minutes.

Stair Lift for Elderly Parents | Safety

A stairlift is a safe option that will safely get your loved one from one place to the other smoothly. Stairlifts are custom fitted to your home décor and structure with different safety features and a comfortable chair that provides a safe ride. As a result, adding a stairlift to your loved ones home gives you a total peace of mind. As your parents age and have issues like arthritis and aching joints, this can make the act of going up or down the stairs less painful.

Reason #3 | Installation

Your loved one would have to stay on one floor longer than necessary, if a stairlift is not installed. Stairlifts presents you and your loved one with a painless solution in using the stairs as many times as they want. As a result, the peace of mind you will have when your parents are comfortable and safe when moving around their home.

Stair Lift for Elderly Parents | Affordable

Stairlifts are the most affordable option for people to get around their home. At times when the elderly are thinking of selling their homes because they are unable to get around, an affordable option is having a stairlift installed. Having your parents move into an assisted living facility instead of staying in their own home is not what you desire and not what they want. Installing a stairlift is more affordable than picking up and moving to another place. With a stairlift you and your loved one can save a lot of money and the trouble of selling their home. Although, a live-in professional assistant to help them around the house can be difficult to find, a stairlift is better.

Reason #5 | Place of Installation

Stairlifts can be installed indoors and outdoors. They can also be custom made with different types of stairs. As a result, a stairlift can be easily and quickly installed, to be used right away.

Searching for the best Stair Lift for Elderly? Contact AIP Mobility Plus. We are proud to be part of a local family-owned company culture that encourages and assists our friends and neighbors to grow old while living in your own home. We take pride in our ability to be your one-stop shop for all mobility products and accessibility services. AIP Mobility Plus is a licensed, insured company with decades of experience making homes and businesses accessible and safer. We are here to help our neighbors in New Jersey live the life that they want with dignity, respect, and independence. Call us today so we can get started on making your home safe!

AIP Mobility Plus

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