Bathroom Equipment for the Elderly
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If your parents are aging at home, you want to make sure their entire home is safe. It is where they spend most of their time, so every aspect should be secure and well maintained. No room in the home should be a potential accident zone. One of the biggest places for possible accidents in a home is the bathroom. To make sure their bathroom is a safe place to be, consult a home safety and mobility expert. A free home evaluation can help assess how safe and practical their home is as they age. Issues like bathroom safety and accessibility are a priority. People should be able to move freely and safely around the bathroom. Areas around tubs and toilets especially need evaluating and bathroom aides installed if necessary. When you need advice on installing bathroom equipment for the elderly, we are here to help with a free evaluation.

Bathroom Equipment for the Elderly

Bathroom Equipment for the Elderly | Free Consultation

When you have older parents who want to stay in their own home, it can be stressful for you. You want to do everything you can to make sure they are safe, and you worry about leaving them. In order to guarantee their safety, and to give yourself some much needed peace of mind, get a professional opinion. Contact a home safety and mobility company to inspect the home for safety and maneuverability. Rooms like bathrooms and kitchens especially need attention. Safety experts can make sure your parents’ bathroom has all the necessary equipment to keep them safe every day.

Bathroom Equipment for the Elderly | Grab Bars

Installing grab bars around the bathroom can make it a much safer environment for older people. As people age, they begin to lose balance and can experience mobility issues. Inside stand up showers, grab bars can help people maintain balance and stability. When installed correctly, they can help people get in and out of showers and tubs, and keep them steady while bathing. Toilet grab bars help people safely and easily get up and down. Older people should not rely on regular towel racks and bars to keep them steady. For safety and security, rely on professionally installed rails and bathroom grab bars.

Bathroom Equipment for the Elderly | Tubs and Showers

One of the biggest worries for elderly people living at home is that of slips and falls in the bathtub. Sometimes, even with grab bars to help, climbing in and out of a bathtub can become too much for some. When installing grab bars in showers and tubs is no longer enough, you may need to consider a walk-in tub. Because the user can just open a door, without climbing over a slippery tub, they are a much safer alternative. Walk-in tubs can make bathing an easier and safer activity. With handrails and comfortable seats, a walk-in tub makes taking a bath easy, safe and relaxing.

Caring for aging parents is not always easy, and it can feel overwhelming at times. Making their home safe is a necessity but the process can be a little daunting. You need the help of home safety and mobility experts to appraise their situation. Comprehensive evaluations include every room, but bathrooms, stairs and the kitchen are the most likely to have problems. For your own peace of mind you need to be sure your parents can move safely and freely about their home. By choosing the right company that evaluates, then supplies and installs safety features, you can save time and stress. Making sure homes are safe, as well as installing bathroom equipment for the elderly is what we do. Call us for a free home evaluation today.

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