Boonton Stairlifts
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Thinking of having Boonton Stairlifts installed in your home? Some elderly people have issues with stairs as they get older and have limited mobility. When the stairs in a home become a challenge, some people consider moving to a retirement home. These options can become expensive and a bigger hassle. The installation of a stair lift provides them with a more cost effective and easier solution. A stair lift installed in their home has other great benefits.

Boonton Stairlifts

Boonton Stairlifts | Safety

The most common benefits of installing a stair lift in your home is the safety that it provides. Using a stair lift to get from floor to floor in your home reduces the risk of any injury from happening. If you miss a step while walking up or down the stairs this can result in serious injuries. When someone has weakened muscles or their mobility has become limited a stair lift is the best thing.

Boonton Stairlifts | Easy

Most stair lifts are easy to use and operate. Easily by sitting on the chair, pressing the switch once you are buckled in the seat to prevent from falling, you can get to any floor in your home. Releasing the switch on the stair lift will have the lift stop from moving. For convenience, the stair lift comes with a switch in the armrest. For multiply users a special remote can be added. A stair lift is a comfortable way to move from floor to floor. An extra cushion is added to ensure comfortability for each and every ride.

Boonton Stairlifts | Independence

When the stairs in your home are preventing the use of the basement or the upstairs level of your home, it is time to consider adding a stair lift to your home. Having to get assistance every time you go up or down the stairs gives you the feeling of lost independence. With the installation of a stair lift, anyone can regain independence as the stair lift provides a safe and simple way to access all the levels of your home. Most seniors prefer to age and stay in their home rather than move to a senior living facility. A stair lift allows them to enjoy all their years in their own home.

Boonton Stairlifts | Affordable Option

If a person can no longer use the stairs in their home, the simplest and most affordable solution would be installing a stair lift. Once a stair lift is purchased it can be installed within a few days. With the average cost of a stair lift ranging from $2,500 and $5,000, it is still the most affordable way to regain the use of all the levels of your home. There is also financing options that make purchasing a stair lift easy to afford. A stair lift is beneficial for those recovering from an injury and provide a short-term solution. The installation of a stair lift gives them access to all levels of their home during the recovery of a lower body injury. A stair lift is a great option for those who only need it for a few months.

Searching for the best Boonton Stairlifts? AIP Mobility Plus is the place to contact. We provide home accessibility modifications along with aging in place products and services including wheelchair ramps, stair lifts, and home elevators. We are proud to be part of a local family-owned company culture that encourages and assists our friends and neighbors to grow old while living in your own home. Helping our neighbors in New Jersey live the life that they want with dignity, respect, and independence is our number one priority. AIP Mobility Plus delivers quality workmanship along with quality service all our customers deserve. Call us today!

AIP Mobility Plus

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