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If you care for an aging loved one in their home, you need lots of help and support. Helping older people to move around their home can take a toll on caregivers. Stairs, especially, can be a big problem. There is something you can do to make this aspect of caretaking easier. The installation of a stairlift can benefit both you, the caregiver, and the person you care for. A stair lift takes a huge burden off caregivers. They reduce back and muscle strain, and worries of trips and falls. For the lift user, it restores freedom and independence. You may think adding a stairlift is a huge undertaking, but installation takes less than a day. With curved stairlifts, straight stairlifts, and even outdoor and platform lifts, you can install one regardless of stair style. For superior products and installation, choose a Chatham Stairlifts company that supplies and also installs.
Chatham Stairlifts

Chatham Stairlifts | Safety First

Climbing stairs can be difficult and dangerous for some people as they age. If you have to help someone you love on the stairs, maybe you feel unsafe doing it. Stairlifts not only alleviate all the worries connected with climbing stairs, they have built-in features for added safety. All stairlifts come equipped with seatbelts to keep the user safely inside. By constantly charging the battery, you rest assured that the lift will run even during power outages. As an additional safety feature, the lift will stop if something blocks its path. A stairlift is not only safer, it can mean independence and mobility.

Chatham Stairlifts | Ease of Installation

It can be overwhelming to know how to choose the best stairlift for your situation. Then you need to find a reputable company to install it. By choosing a full service home care company that offers products and installation, you get the best of both. This is because they are familiar with the products, and the needs of people who use them. Installation is easy to carry out, and in most cases takes only a few hours. With so many styles of lifts to choose from, there is an option for every home and every staircase. For the best service, choose one company to do it all.

Chatham Stairlifts | Types of Lifts

Because not everyone has the same type home, there are multiple styles of stairlifts. Incline, or straight stairlifts are the standard for most homes. These are best for homes with a single staircase between floors. As this is not always the case, there are lifts for curved, multi-level staircases, and even spiral ones. Platform lifts are best suited for people who need the use of a wheelchair or scooter to get around. The user can simply wheel onto the lift and not have to get up. Outdoor lifts eliminate the hazard of using exterior steps to make coming and going is easier.
Caring for an aging loved one is not easy, especially if they no longer have full mobility. To restore confidence, freedom and full use of their home, consider installing a stairlift. Helping someone up and down stairs causes back strain. Maybe they have had to confine themselves to one floor of their home. Reduced balance and aching joints make getting up and down stairs an arduous business. With a stairlift, however, traveling between floors is as simple as pushing a button. There are many standard safety features to keep the user secure, and you can choose seat colors and other extras. To save space, footrests and seats can fold when not in use, and keep the stairs clear for others. If you want more information on stairlifts, call a Chatham Stairlifts sales and installation company today.

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