Curved Stair Lifts for Spiral and Curved Staircases
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Do you remember when you bought your house? You walked in the front door and were immediately attracted to the beautiful curved stairway with the curved banister. Perhaps you were lucky enough to have a gorgeous spiral staircase in your home. That staircase probably invites beautiful rays of sunlight into your house. What lovely architectural masterpieces curved staircases are!

You have loved your curved or spiral staircase since you bought your house. However, at the moment, you may not love it so much. That’s because you may need help getting around your house. It isn’t all that surprising, considering that the population of the United States is aging.

In the next few years, the population that is over 65 will increase to more than 20 percent. You may be concerned about curved stair chair lift prices. If you need a curved stair lift rental, we have some information for you.

Curved Stair Lifts

Regular stair lifts allow you to rent a chair lift you can use on a straight flight of stairs. It can move up and down the stairs with ease. However, curved stair lifts are a little more difficult to keep in stock. For that reason, we customize stair lifts to fit your particular stairs. Each curved stair or spiral staircase is unique. This is part of its charm. However, it’s also part of the problem. You might also be curious how much a curved stair lift costs?

Custom Curves

We would create a customized stair lift to fit your staircase and only your staircase. That means you’re able to match the stair lift to your home’s décor. That way, it blends right into the overall look of your house. We custom-fit the stair lift. This allows it to travel quietly and turn corners with ease. It can even cross landings. Whether your curved staircase is narrow or wide, we can construct a lift that will fit your needs perfectly.

The Details

Are you worried about the safety of your stair lift? Or, are you worried your lift will make it look like you are living in a hospital? No worries. We can make your stair lift as unobtrusive as possible. While that sounds difficult, it’s actually quite simple with the right designer. If safety is a concern, we try to make your stair lift as safe as possible. We have a twin rail system that allows for stability. It also makes the chair ride smoother. Also, we can enhance the safety of the stair lift by adding powered hinges. These allow the stair lift to easily get out of a doorway. That way, it doesn’t block doors or cause injuries.

We can add other features as well. We can make sure when the stair lift is not in use, it’s not taking up too much space. We can hide the tracks quite easily. In fact, some people might not even notice it’s there. You can even fold the chair and rails up and down for ease of use. Do you have more than one person who needs a chair? No problem. We can make sure everyone in the house who needs one can have a remote control. That way, he or she can control the lift from wherever he or she is.  

Are you looking for curved stair lifts? Do you need straight or curved stair lifts in New Jersey, in Chatham, NJ, in Morris County or all surrounding counties and towns? Contact AIP Mobility Plus. We have custom-built stair lifts for rent or purchase. We can ensure your stair lift is chic and functional in your home. This way, you can continue to age in place in the home you love. Contact us today!

AIP Mobility Plus

Morris County Stairlifts

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