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Thinking of installing Denville Stairlifts in your home? There are numerous benefits of installing stairlifts in your home. Climbing stairs become a challenge as we age. There is a healthy solution to not being able to make it up or down the stairs. A stairlift is the perfect option for people with mobility issues or people that just need a boost to get up and down the stairs. Stair Lifts are a cost-effective and construction-free way of gaining independence throughout your entire home.

Denville Stairlifts

Denville Stairlifts | Price

A stairlift is easy to install device that helps people stay in their own home and get around their home is a great alternative. When thinking of having to move to a facility because your home is too difficult to navigate, can be overwhelming. The cost of a straight stairlift and a curved unit is approximately the same price. This device could be equivalent to the price of living in a long-term facility for one month. Most stairlifts take about two to four hours to install. Therefore, when a stairlift is maintained properly, a stairlift can last about ten to fifteen years, all depending on how often it is being used. For a stairlift to come to an immediate stop if there is something detected in the way, an automatic safety sensor is included. As a result, safety is priority.

Denville Stairlifts | Area

A stairlift takes up a small amount of space in a staircase and there is no wall mounting required just a few small screws added to the stair’s treads. For complete independence  you can have a stairlift customized to fit your home. Despite the reduced mobility or injury, a stairlift can change someone’s life. A stairlift accommodates all staircases. The seat of the stairlift swivels for easy dismount. Other members of the household can still go up or down the stairs without having the stairlift interfere. Doors at the top of the stairs can remain as is, since the stairlift will not be in the way. There is a track that the stairlift goes on and it is about 7-8 inches wide which is not much. If at any time you want to permanently remove the stairlift, it is easily removed leaving no trace of ever being there.

Denville Stairlifts | Added Benefits

Having a stairlift installed in your home is not just to transport people up and down the stairs. It is also a great device for transporting heavy items up and down the stairs. Outdoor staircases can also have a stairlift installed. As a result it makes it easy to get on and off the deck in the backyard or to come in the front stairs of the home. Being that the stairlift runs on battery, you can have peace of mind if the power goes out, the stairlift will still work on battery alone. A stairlift can be rented and easily moved from one residence to another.  With the peace of mind that you will have knowing that your loved one is able to get around the entire home safely is priceless.

Searching for the best Denville Stairlifts? Contact AIP Mobility Plus. At AIP Mobility Plus, we are licensed general contractors with the state of New Jersey. We provide exceptional products and services to all our customers. We are also proud of our rapid growth, innovative products and high-quality work. Whether working with clients, caregivers or families installing a stairlift, we are committed to helping your loved ones stay comfortably in their own home. At AIP Mobility Plus we look forward to helping you with your home maintenance mobility service. Contact us today at 973-607-3211!

AIP Mobility Plus

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