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Independence in one’s own home is a basic right of dignity achieved through devices like stairlifts. While age and disabilities can make stairs difficult, stairlifts level the playing field. There are many different types of stairlifts to accommodate different life style needs and housing situations. However, the design always includes the chair and the track it is attached to. As a consumer of a stair lift, there are many factors you must be aware of. You should not decide on a lift without full knowledge and research. One of the many designs are straight stairlifts, which accommodate a classic staircase. Regardless of the need, however, pricing and warranties of stairlifts must be a consideration. There are so many different businesses offering stairlift services, it can be hard to narrow a decision down. At East Hanover Stairlifts, we can provide you with a quality stairlift that is just right for you.

East Hanover Stairlifts

Stairlift types | East Hanover Stairlifts

Straight stairlifts are the most common types of tracks. These are for classic, standard stairwells that go up and down with no fuss or muss. Curved tracks are necessary for staircase that have any turns involved, be it onto a landing, or en route. They can cost a little more, being more complicated in their design, but are a worthy investment. There are even options for outdoor tracks, if you have an outdoor staircase. Designed to withstand the elements, outdoor lifts are durable and long lasting. Add a cover to keep the lift ready to go no matter the weather.

Track types | East Hanover Stairlifts

There are horizontal and vertical tracks, depending on your home’s staircase. The horizontal track is level, running up and down between grooves. The vertical track is more tilted and can therefore take up far less space. It is more desirable for a narrower staircase. If there is fear of the track becoming a tripping hazard, consider foldable rails. Simply put, you can fold up the rails when the lift is not in use. This means that they are not in the way if there are other people in the house who do not use the lift.

Seat types | East Hanover Stairlifts

In addition to track types, there are many numerous types of seats. Swivel seats allow you to turn in the seat and step onto the landing and not down onto the stairs. Angled seats dip backward, allowing a secure journey without fear of slipping. Some seats are collapsible. Armrests and footrests can come with extra features for comfort and safety. Some of these features work quickly and easily at the touch of a button. Footrests fold up automatically, and seats swivel so the rider does not have to move it. For extra help, some seats can even give you a little extra boost to help you out.

Safety is, of course, the most important element of stairlift designs. Seatbelts for instance are very important for any moving vehicle, stairlifts included. The belt keeps the rider secure, and there are easy-to-use models for arthritis and other conditions. More advanced models will detect obstacles and stop for things in the way. Locks are another necessary addition for security. Stairlift prices vary, with straight stairlifts being the cheaper options over curved lifts. A professional installer will help you assess your home and decide which lift is the best for you. Consultations are sometimes free, but always be sure to check and never assume. For those who are unsure if buying a stairlift is the best call, renting is always an option. If you decide upon a stairlift installation, consider East Hanover Stairlifts for your safety, comfort, and personal independence.

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