Living with a Physical Disability
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Many people don’t realize the struggles of those who are physically disabled. They are often treated differently than those who do not have a disability. Children don’t understand when they see someone who has lost a limb or are confined to a wheelchair and often speak their mind on a subject that can be very touchy to those who are disabled. They face challenges every day that most take for granted such as going to the bathroom, eating food and the obvious challenge of mobility.

The History of the Wheelchair

In 1595 the wheelchair, then called the invalid’s chair, was first used by Philip II of Spain. The chair resembled that of a wooden recliner on wheels. It had a tall back that could recline and had a raised leg platform. The two large wheels that we see today would not come into the picture until the late 1800s. In the 1900s the first power wheelchair was invented in London. Today the wheelchair has been modified to be that of a very small car. With speeds reaching up to 30mph and lights that can be attached for night travel, the wheelchair has evolved to allow those with a physical disability to be just as mobile as normal people.

Disability Act of 1990

Despite the evolution of equipment to assist with mobility, those with disabilities are still faced with day-to-day problems. Many of these problems are caused by the discrimination of those with disabilities. Before the Disability Act of 1990, it was difficult for those in wheelchairs to go to the store or even park in a parking spot. Now it is illegal, by federal law to not have access for those confined to a wheelchair. Parking spaces were developed with a sign that allows those with the proper tag to park closer to a building. This Act made those with disabilities welcome to stores and restaurants.  

Despite the Disability Act giving more rights to those with disabilities, they still face troubles in their own homes. Many people with disabilities have a live-in nurse to assist with the daily tasks of making food, going to the bathroom, getting in and out of bed and even bathing.  Many people without a disability have a hard time imagining the difficulty of not being able to perform simple tasks on their own. Those with a physical disability are the same as everyone else; they just have more challenges and obstacles to overcome than most people, which can make them stronger.

We Are Here To Help

At AIP Mobility Plus we know and understand what those with disabilities are going through. This is why it is our passion to provide mobility solutions for those with a physical disability. We provide wheelchair ramps, stair lifts, home elevators, all types of grab bars, bathroom and home renovations to provide the quality of life we all are deserving of.  Feel free to get in touch with us today. You can schedule a free consultation, with no pressure. We just enjoy helping those in need.

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