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If your aging parents have chosen to stay at home with your help, they undoubtedly value your support. But as a caregiver, you could probably use some support yourself as well as all the help you can get. As people age, they often experience mobility issues, finding it harder to get around. When stairs become insurmountable due to increasing infirmity or balance issues, should they stay on one floor, or even move? Fortunately, there’s help you for, and for them. To allow your parents to stay in the home they love, surrounded by cherished memories, consider adding a stairlift. With so many design options of platform stairlifts, straight stairlifts and outdoor lifts, you’re sure to find the right one. A stairlift could help your parents to stay in their home and regain full mobility and freedom. Ask a Long Hill stairlifts expert how you and your parents could benefit today.

Long Hill Stairlifts

Long Hill Stairlifts | Aging at Home

There are many advantages to people staying in their own home as they age. As long as they do not have serious health issues, more and more people choose to stay home. With so many tools to help people age in place, there are less reasons to leave the home they love. From walk in showers and bathtubs to grab bars, ramps and lifts, even those with limited mobility can stay home. Stairlifts are also extremely useful for people who want to stay home. With the installation of these tools, they can stay comfortably and even independently in their own home.

Long Hill Stairlifts | Restored Freedom

Stairlifts restore freedom and greatly add to the quality of life of those using them. Difficult stairs are no longer an impediment to their movements. Maybe your parents would love to stay in the home they’re familiar with, but wonder if it’s practical. They can’t fully enjoy their home like they used to if they’re limited to only one floor. Perhaps this limited mobility is reason to consider moving. But there’s a more cost efficient alternative to leaving their home. By installing a stairlift, they regain access to their whole house. A lift is a way to reestablish mobility and enjoy being home again.

Long Hill Stairlifts | Benefits for Caregivers

As people age, they find getting around more of a challenge, especially climbing the stairs. Aching joints, increasing pain and decreased flexibility and balance make stairs a danger zone. They can be painful for caregivers, too, however. Helping someone up and down stairs takes a real toll on back and leg muscles. As a caregiver, if you worry about your aging parents using stairs, a stairlift could greatly help. Stairlifts eliminate the worry of your parents tripping and falling on stairs when they’re alone. If they have had to give up stairs altogether, lifts are a safe solution. Regain peace of mind with the installation of a lift.

To help your parents stay safely in the home they love, consider installing a stairlift. Stairlifts restore freedom and independence. They alleviate the worry of trips and falls on stairs, and stairlifts are safe and easy to use. With many safety features like seatbelts and easy to use call buttons, they keep the user secure. Seats and arm rests can fold up when not in use to keep the stairs free and clear. Swivel seats help the user to get in and out for increased safety. Other safety features like rechargeable batteries keep the lift running even if the power goes out. The addition of a lift benefits the people using it, and those who care for them. Contact a Long Hill stairlifts specialist for more information.

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