Bathroom Safety, Accessible Bathrooms & Modifications

As the years go on adults are living longer and choosing to age-in-place instead of in an assisted living facility or nursing home.

Our Aging-In-Place bathroom modifications enhance home safety, accessibility and comfort.

Bathroom modifications for Aging-In-Place allow you to enjoy your home more today while being prepared in case you need a little help later on. That means for the average person over 50 years old, you have a home that is easier to live in today and tomorrow.

Why Choose AIP Mobility Plus?

  • Quality: Using an experienced company like AIP Mobility Plus is especially important to ensure your modifications meet the current standards for safety, style, and function.
  • Accessibility: Our Aging-In-Place bathroom modifications enhance home safety, accessibility and comfort.
  • Independence: We provide innovative home solutions that allow you to move safely and independently throughout your home.
  • Freedom: We’re a licensed general contractor, qualified and skilled in managing the entire modification process, beginning with the design stage and completing the construction. We would love to speak with you about making your bathroom more accessible today.
Bathroom Safety Home Modifications

Additional Bathroom Remodeling Ideas We Can Bring To Life

  • More Open Space
  • Wider Doorways
  • Comfort Height Toilets
  • More Light
  • Sit Down Vanities
  • Grab Bars and Hand Rails

Something as small as a Grab Bar can create a wonderful sense of security in your home. One of the most common places to install a grab bar is inside a tub or shower, as these surfaces tend the be the slick and dangerous.

Grab bars and handrails help to maintain balance and provide safety and support, not only for older adults and those with disabilities but for everyone. Shower’s and bath-tubs easily are entered and exited from while on a wet or slippery surface.

Add Step-In Accessibility to Your Existing Tub!

Transform your tub into a step-in shower. We can turn your bathtub into a spacious and beautiful shower, customized to your preferences and completely changing the look and feel of your bathroom.

Get Started Today!

Call the professionals at AIP Mobility Plus to speak with one of our Bathroom Modification Design Specialists to set up a free on-site consultation. We’ll analyze your situation and then design the right support for your needs. Contact  AIP Mobility Plus at 973-607-3211.

We’ll help you create a safe, comfortable, convenient and accessible living environment. AIP Mobility Plus invites you to explore in detail the many ways we can help you maintain your independence as you age. We also invite you to contact us for a FREE in-home assessment by one of our Certified Aging in Place (CAPS) specialists. No Obligation. Contact Us!  We are located in Chatham, NJ in Morris County