Home Modifications for the Disabled, Aging-in-Place & Injured

AIP Mobility Plus offers 30 years of experienced Home Modification in Chatham, New Jersey for your desire to “Age In Place Your Way”. Depending on your mobility situation, we can re-fit existing layouts of your bathroom, kitchen, front door entrance of your home for easier access, safety, and increased mobility. As a result, you will enjoy a higher level of independence for years to come.

For Older Adults & The Aging-in-Place

As we age, moving around the home can become increasingly difficult. The flight of stairs that you used to go up and down so easily before can seem like a mountain to climb. You’ll also start to notice that some furniture or fixtures are blocking most of your way, or sometimes causing you to trip and hurt yourself. If you have to hurdle through these every single day, then living in your own home is no longer comfortable. Home Modification may just be the key to making your life easier during your retirement. Our specialized crew at AIP MOBILITY PLUS will assess your home environment, ask you some questions about your day to day challenges, and professionally recommend adjustments to your home. We can give you a reasonable quote which you can afford and a timeframe of implementation that will not disrupt your accustomed lifestyle.

For the Injured or Disabled

It’s important to make the different rooms of your home more accessible and wheelchair-friendly. We can perform a thorough examination and propose changes that will increase your access and mobility. AIP MOBILITY PLUS will support you by providing the following and a few more not listed:

Home Modifications for the Disabled, Aging in place, Injured

A Few Of Our Popular Home Modification Products and Services

  • Adding grab bars
  • Adding ramps for walkers and wheelchairs
  • Checking locks and doors (repairs as needed)
  • Expand doorways to fit wheelchairs or walkers
  • Flooring safety to prevent falls
  • Improving the lighting in all areas
  • Installing a personal alert system for falls and/or other emergencies
  • Installing chairlifts
  • Lowering electrical switches and plug outlets
  • Moving the bathroom/bedroom to the first floor
  • Placing sturdy handrails on stairs
  • Replacing doorknobs
  • Install Zero-Entry Showers
  • De-clutter your home
  • Provide a monthly or quarterly home maintenance check of your homes system’s
  • And additional services that we may discover during our free home assessment of your needs both today and tomorrow
bathroom modification

Home modification for the disabled, aging-in-place and injured in Chatham, New Jersey is not as costly as you think. In fact, it is more affordable than moving to an assisted living facility which can cost you $4,000 or more every month. However, if you stay in your own home as you age and modify it to your current health or mobility situation, you will only spend money for the home modification services and you won’t have to deal with the monthly expenses of moving to an assisted living facility.

The earlier you prepare, the less you will worry. AIP MOBILITY PLUS can help you age gracefully and comfortably in the home that you own.

We can visit you at home and evaluate your home modification needs. We will then talk about our recommendations for placement changes, furniture adjustments, and re-fitting fixtures. Then we can come to an agreement of services and cost to make your residence livable for the next five or fifty years. We offer ideal solutions for older or middle-aged adults planning for their retirements, parents with disabled children, and individuals who simply want a home environment that fits their specific needs. Contact us to schedule a consultation in person! We are located in Chatham, NJ in Morris County.