Monthly Home Maintenance

On our bi-annual home maintenance assessment is an 18-point checklist that will help maintain the general servicing of all your homes systems so that they are operating and functioning according to expectations.

  • Quality: We are fortunate enough to employ quality people with 30 plus years of residential construction and handyman experience. We use our licensed and bonded contractors, electricians, plumbers accordingly as we address your needs as required.
  • Accessibility: Need help creating safe access to all areas of your home?
  • Independence: An extra pair of hands to help maintain the health and value of your home and provide you with the ability to continue living safely and independently in your home.
  • Freedom: After the completion of the home maintenance checklist, you’ll determine which items on the list you would like to be repaired. This gives you the ability to maintain your home in a way fits your needs and budget.
Monthly Home Maintenance

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Cost of Home Maintenance Checklist based on square footage of your home:

0 - 2,500 SF


2,500 - 4,000 SF


4,000 SF - Up


18 Point Home Maintenance Checklist

1) Plumbing Analysis
Leaks, running toilets, and replacement of fixtures

2) Electrical Analysis
Condition of light fixtures, receptacles, switches, and junction boxes

3) Attic Space Analysis
Condition of insulation, ductwork, ventilation, leaks, and roof penetrations

4) Exhaust Fan Analysis
Check that kitchen hood and exhaust fans are working properly

5) Door and Window Analysis
Check that windows and doors are functioning and sealing property

6) Basement and crawlspace Analysis
Assess condition of insulation, ductwork or water damage

7) Gas Leak testing
Sleep soundly knowing there are no gas leaks in your home

8) Refrigerator & HVAC Coil Assessment
Inspect the coils to determine if it is time for a good cleaning to maintain efficiency and prevent failure

9) Light bulb replacement
Check for blown out bulbs

10) Hose bib Analysis
Check that the hose bibs are on in the spring and turned back off in the fall

11) Sump pump Analysis
Assess the condition of sump pumps

12) Caulking
Assess the need for caulking around the tubs, showers, sinks, and toilets

13) Smoke detectors & Carbon Monoxide detectors
Test detectors and replace batteries

14) Walls and ceiling assessments
Assess the condition of walls, ceilings, and trim work

15) Cabinet and Vanity Analysis
Check that doors and drawers are operating properly

16) Stair and railing assessment
Confirm that railings are secure and that stair treads are not loose

17) Furnace Filters
Inspect filters for cleaning or replacement to ensure the HVAC system is working efficiently

18) Landscape assessment
Inspect grading around the house
Assess condition of fence gates, handrails, and walkways

Handyman $100 per hour + Material, Plumber, Electrician or HVAC Contractor $150 per hour + Material

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