Residential Elevators

As adults grow older and are living longer many are choosing to remain in their own homes. Unfortunately, most homes have stairs and bedrooms are located on the second floor. This can start to cause mobility issues.

A home elevator gets you and your belongings where you need to go. They are easy to control, comfortable, and secure. They eliminate those dangerous stairs making your life easier and safer. Home elevators are easier to install than you think and are powered by electricity and plug straight into a domestic plug socket.

Why Choose AIP Mobility PlusQuality: Our residential elevators are custom-made and specially designed to suit the varying needs of our clients. They blend in perfectly with new or already existing homes.

  • Accessibility: Our residential elevators are an attractive and affordable alternative to a stairlift, providing accessibility between the floors in your family home and offer you complete independence despite reduced mobility due to age, disease, or injury.
  • Independence: The elevator gives safe and easy access to all corners of your home. It is perfect for wheelchairs of all sizes, mobility aids, and walkers. Installing the elevator can also be a good investment idea since houses fit with the elevator stand out most to potential home buyers.
  • Freedom: Typically, it takes just 30 seconds to move between floors in one of our home elevators which are whisper-quiet and are very useful for carrying heavy luggage, laundry, or even the family pet, too!
The Thru-Car

The Thru-Car

Entry is available from both sides of the lift car. Ideal for installation up to balconies or landings and where stops are needed in a bi-level home. No other homelift is capable of doing this.

Why Choose Our Residential Elevators

  • Maximize Your Living Space
  • Extremely small compact footprints
  • Subtle, attractive and elegant interior lighting
  • Packed with control features both inside and out
  • In-car push button hold-to-run control panel
  • Two Remote Controls

AIP Mobility Plus helps with product sourcing as well as the installation of stairlifts, home modification supplies, and home elevators. We offer different types and models and can customize the one that meets your individual needs. 

Feel free to phone us at 973-607-3211 or use our contact form to get in touch with one of our AIP Home Mobility Plus residential elevator specialists. We are located in Chatham, NJ on Morris County.