Morris County Walk-In Bathtubs

At AIP Mobility Plus we provide high-quality acrylic walk-in bathtubs by Ella’s Bubbles. Ella’s Bubbles is a Chicago-based OEM Manufacturer of Walk-in bathrubs.

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Walk-in Bathtubs, AIP Mobility Plus, Chatham, NJ Morris County

Types Of Walk-In Bathtubs

Inward Swing Door Walk-In Tubs

Models – Sizes
Elite – 30″W x 52″L
Royal – 32″W x 52″L
Petite – 28″W x 52″L
Deluxe – 30″W x 55″L
Ultimate – 30″W x 60″L
Ella’s Bubbles delivers quality engineering in style with the Inward Swing Door Walk In Tubs. Each Ella walk in tub is made with a high-quality gloss finish acrylic shell along with a custom-made brushed stainless steel and tempered glass door to complement any home.

Ella's Bubbles Inward Swing Door Walk-In Bathtub
Ella's Bubbles Outward Swing Walk-In Bathtub

Outward Swing Door Walk-In Tubs

Models – Sizes
Malibu & Zen – 30″W x 52″L
Monaco & Chi – 32″W x 52″L
Lounger – 27″W x 60″L
Mobile – 26″W x 45″L
Front Entry – 32″W x 40″L
For bathers who require maximum accessibility, an outward swing door acrylic walk-in tub is the perfect choice. With options like standard dimension Malibu acrylic walk in tub or front entry arcylic walk in tub, we offer a variety of models to suit your space.

Two Seat Walk-In Tubs

Models – Sizes
Big4Two – 36″W x 80″L
Tub4Two – 32″W x 60″L
Companion – 30″W x 60″L
Ella’s Bubbles offer several acrylic walk in tubs that have two seats so couples can enjoy a relaxing bath together. All of our two seat acrylic walk in tubs come with a center door for convenient access and dual drain for fast and reliable drainage and exit.

Ella's Bubbles 2 Seat 2 Person Walk-In Tub
Ella's Bubbles, Wheelchair Walk-In Bathtub

Wheelchair Accessible Walk-in Tubs

Models – Sizes
Transfer – 30″W x 52″L
Transfer32 – 32″W x 52″L
Transfer26 – 26″W x 52″L
Transfer60 – 30″W x 60″L
TransferXXXL – 36″W x 55″L
Ella wheelchair accessible acrylic walk in tubs are made with a high-quality gloss finish acrylic shell along with a frame-less L-Shaped door for easy access, to those needing extra space to get in and out of your walk in tub.

Whether you are disabled, injured or planning for current or future aging in place needs for yourself or a loved one contact our expert team. Let us help you to make your accessibility to your bathtub easier. Take baths with ease. The days of stress and worry about getting in and out of your tub and falling are over. To learn more about our walk-in bathtubs, give us a call at 973-607-3211, email us at or contact us using our easy FREE in home safety consultation online form. We are located in Chatham, New Jersey in Morris County.

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