Morris County Grab Bars
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Thinking of adding Morris County Grab Bars to your home? As people age, they need more and more assistance getting around in their homes. In addition to the care of an aging loved one, it may be best to have grab bars installed throughout the home. The main reason to have grab bars installed is for safety. You can have grab bars and stair rails in your home for safety. Some of the areas that may need grab bars are your bathrooms and bedrooms. There are different grab bars that are available to install in your home and there are numerous benefits for you and your family member.

Morris County Grab Bars

Morris County Grab Bars | Vertical Bars

A vertical bar can be installed in numerous locations like the bedroom, bathroom and even the living room. This usually has a curved grab bar attached to it from a vertical angle. As a result, this bar is best to help people pull themselves up from a seated position. This bar is also great if you or your loved one lives in an apartment and don’t want something that is permanent. With a vertical bar, it has two rubber stoppers on each end which can be adjusted in height and fits securely against the floor and ceiling.

Morris County Grab Bars | Horizontal Bars

The horizontal bar is the most common used by people that have limited mobility. With a horizontal bar it provides a stable area for someone to reach out to. It is extremely necessary in an area that is wet and can be slippery, for example the bathtub. When a person is in the bathtub and has wet hands, it is best to be able to grab a bar horizontally and get a better grip. These bars are also available as permanent which can be installed in your home. They are also available as with temporary suction cups where they will hole strong in any area and can easily be removed if need to. These are best if living in an area that does not allow any permanent fixture added to the home.

Morris County Grab Bars | Chrome Bars

These are commonly used in the bathroom due to the sleek finish they have. They are practical and durable. A chrome grab bar gives a user a good grip due to the pattern on the bar to prevent hands from slipping off. As a result, these bars can be installed anywhere in the home and is a useful addition.

Morris County Grab Bars | Outdoor Grab Bars

A valuable feature to add to your home and the home of a loved one is installing an outdoor grab bar. They are installed by steps and doors to help people walk down the steps or get in and out the door. These grab bars can be installed to brickwork and is made of tough plastic. Therefore, these bars are very durable and rust resistant. They are stable and secure for people to use in all types of weather.

Searching for the best Morris County Grab Bars to be installed in your home? Give AIP Mobility Plus a call today! Our grab bar installation experts make sure that the optimal safety through proper installation and placement is made. We are proud to be part of a local family-owned company culture that encourages and assists our friends and neighbors to grow old while living in your own home. We take pride in our ability to be your one-stop shop for all mobility products and accessibility services. Let AIP Mobility Plus safeguard your loved ones where they need it most. We offer reliable and quick installation on our stock grab bars.

AIP Mobility Plus

Morris County Wheelchair Ramp

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