Morris County Modular Ramps
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If you’re caring for a loved one who has limited mobility, or if you suffer yourself, there is a solution. Many people find steps an increasing barrier as they age. Arthritis and balance issues make getting up and down stairs a lot harder. When this means exiting and entering their home becomes risky, they need to solve this problem. Installing a ramp makes moving around your home much easier. Modular wheelchair ramps can add freedom and increase safety. Adding ramps can also benefit people who are recovering from surgery, or need a wheelchair only temporarily. Caregivers benefit greatly because their loved one is more mobile and independent. Lightweight and portable, ramps are easy to install and can fit any situation. For renters, or people who might only need a ramp for a short time, rental options are available. To find out more, contact your local Morris County modular ramps specialist.

Morris County Modular Ramps

Morris County Modular Ramps | For Inside Use

For short step heights, a threshold ramp is the ideal solution for those in wheelchairs or scooters. They are perfect for steps one to six inches in height. Threshold ramps work for situations like sliding doors, or single interior steps. They give people the freedom to easily pass through a sliding door out onto a deck or patio. Nothing should be a barrier to an independent lifestyle, least of all, a single step. Installing a threshold ramp restores the freedom to come and go safely. To ensure further safety, they typically are skid resistant, making them ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Morris County Modular Ramps | Exterior Ramps

Modular ramps come pre-assembled, so they are very easy to install. They are also easy to adjust in length and slope, so you can adapt them to most homes. Made in sections, you can get just the length of ramp you need. Also, they have handrails already attached. Despite being lightweight, however, they are tough and durable with a large weight capacity. This makes modular ramps a convenient, practical choice for most people. You can use them as long as you need them. For a temporary solution, or if you do not own your own your own home, simply rent a wheelchair ramp.

Morris County Modular Ramps | Professional Installation

Modular ramps are undoubtedly a convenient solution to limited mobility. When you rent or buy a ramp from a home safety specialist, they can advise you on which one works best. Because each home and each individual’s needs vary, getting professional help is a must. Then, they can professionally install your ramp for your ultimate safety. In order to ensure proper installation, and the correct slope, always leave the job to a professional. This ensures complete fulfillment of safety measures and all local safety guidelines for peace of mind. Call for a free in home evaluation to make your home safe and accessible once more.

Wheelchair ramps offer improved mobility, freedom and safety. Whether you own a home or rent, you can find a ramp for your situation. Renting a ramp is particularly useful if you will only need it temporarily. If you have aging parents coming to visit, or if you are recovering from surgery or accident, simply rent a ramp. Caregivers and wheelchair or scooter users alike will benefit from the addition of a ramp. There is less strain on caregivers when the people they care for can do more for themselves. Also, restoring mobility and independence restores a fuller quality of life for older parents. Call a Morris County modular ramps and home safety specialist for a free home evaluation to achieve increased mobility and independence.

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Morris County Wheelchair Ramp

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