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Have you been thinking about adding Morris County stair rails to your home? While many of us use stair rails daily, we don’t often stop to consider their importance of safety. Stair rails seem to complete the design of our porches and decks, and are a convenient spot to hang flower beds, lights, or bunting. We love to lean on them, but we often take for granted the fact that our railings are sturdy, strong, and aptly sized. Below are some of the best benefits that stair rails provide.

Stair Rails in Morris CountyMorris County Stair Rails | Help People Balance:

When a person loses balance on the stairs or suffers from muscle weakness, they may cling to the railing. Railings provide stability, which is especially important for young children, the elderly, and people with disabilities. Some people like to lightly graze railings with their hands just in case they need extra support or balance.

Morris County Stair Railing | Prevent Falls:

Railings on decks and ledges provide a needed barrier between the deck’s surface and the high vertical drop. They help protect curious children, wild pets, and inebriated or unaware adults.

Stair Rails in Morris County | Provide Comfort & Peace of Mind:

If a person suffers from vertigo or an extreme fear of heights, a railing can make them feel more comfortable. It also allows people to walk to the very edge of a deck or balcony. Without a railing, most people would not venture within 6-12 inches of the edge.

North NJ Stair Rails | Increased Safety During Inclement Weather:

During inclement weather, including rain, snow, ice, and sleet, flooring surfaces can become slippery and dangerous. Morris County stair rails provide support, and many people will clutch on to them to ensure that they don’t slip. To further increase safety in these circumstances, keep the flooring surface salted and shoveled.

Morris County Stair RailsMorris County Stair Rails | Helpful When Hands Are Full:

When you’re carrying a heavy or cumbersome load and attempting to climb up a set of stairs or a ramp, a railing can make the journey far less treacherous. It will give you something to grab onto if you’re feeling off balance. For example, a railing may come in handy if you’re carrying a suitcase, a sack of groceries, or a baby.

Morris County Stair Railings | Protects Porch Items From Wind:

On a windy day, a railing can keep the contents of your porch or deck from flying right off the edge. This includes furniture, umbrellas, toys, cushions, etc. Morris County stair Rails also allows you to place items on the edge of your porch or deck without fear (like sofas, barbecue pits, and flower pots).

Looking for the Best Company for Morris County Stair Rails?

If you’re searching for quality Morris County stair rails, AIP Mobility Plus is the place to contact! Our company provides some of the highest quality stairlifts, stair rails, wheelchair ramps, and other related products that New Jersey has to offer. We understand how important it is to feel independent in your home, especially when you are dealing with health issues. Our team at AIP Mobility Plus will customize the installation process to meet your needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Call us so we can make you feel comfortable accessing every part of your home.

AIP Mobility Plus

Morris County Wheelchair Ramp

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