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Are you looking into Morris County walk-in tubs? A walk-in tub is a shower enclosure that provides walk-in access and typically has one or two seats. You can walk into these enclosures unassisted, while traditional bathtubs require you to step over the sides and sit on a ledge inside. Walk in tubs can be ideal for individuals with mobility issues who find it difficult to climb over the side of a regular bathtub. They also provide an excellent solution for individuals who find it difficult to get in and out of a standard bathtub without assistance. Below, we will go over the best reasons to install walk-in tubs in Morris County, NJ

Reasons to Install Morris County Walk-In Tubs

Morris County Walk-In Tubs

Walking & Mobility Issues:

Individuals who walk with walkers, walkers, power scooters or wheelchairs might find it difficult to step over the side of a traditional bathtub. A walk-in tub is an excellent solution for individuals struggling to get in and out of a standard bathtub without assistance. Whether you struggle to walk through your Morris County, NJ home or you use a mobility device, walk-in tubs provide the convenience and comfort that helps make daily life more manageable.

Mobility devices can be problematic when climbing into or out of traditional bathtubs. If you’re looking for a solution like this but don’t want to install walk in tubs, take a look at installing grab bars near your existing shower area.

Helps Out Daily Living Assistants:

A walk-in bathtub in Morris County NJ is an excellent solution if you’ve recently had surgery and need daily assistance from a person such as a post-op nurse or physical therapist to get in and out of the shower. This is because walk-in tubs have access doors with no threshold or step over required. They are also much easier to move around in than traditional bathtubs so getting in and out of the walk in tub itself is not an obstacle.

Mobility issues related to surgery can typically be solved by installing walk in tubs. These walk in bathtubs have walk through access doors with no threshold or step over required.

Relieve Stress & Burden:

Morris County walk-in tubs are an excellent solution if you’re looking to take the stress and burden off yourself or someone who has been taking care of you. No more worrying about slipping or falling when getting in and out of the walk-in tub.

Looking for the Best Morris County Walk-In Tubs & Installation Services?

If you’re searching for the best company for walk-in tubs in Morris County, NJ, AIP Mobility Plus a call today! Our walk-in tub installation experts make sure that the optimal safety through proper installation and placement is made. We are proud to be part of a local family-owned company culture that encourages and assists our friends and neighbors to grow old while living in your own home. We take pride in our ability to be your one-stop shop for all mobility products and accessibility services. Let AIP Mobility Plus safeguard your loved ones where they need it most. We offer reliable and quick installation on our mobility assistance products.

AIP Mobility Plus

Morris County Wheelchair Ramp

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