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Thinking of having Roxbury Stairlifts added to your home? Stairlifts are beneficial to people with reduced mobility. Limited mobility can be a result from aging or an injury. The biggest challenge for most people is climbing up and down the stairs. Stair lifts have become the best option for elderly people and people with limited mobility. There are many benefits for installing a stairlift in your home.

Roxbury Stairlifts

Roxbury Stairlifts | Freedom and Safety

When you have a stairlift installed in your home, you will not have to worry about going up or down the stairs. You can reach all the levels of your home without any pain or discomfort. You can have unlimited freedom and move around freely without any restrictions. Safety is the most common benefit of a stairlift. There are many safety features that come with a stairlift. Therefore, to prevent falling there is a safety buckle on the chair. It also has an obstruction device that if something is in the way of the stairlift it will alert and not get stuck. Most stairlifts come with a lock button that prevents the chair from being used by other people especially children. The installation of a stairlift is quick and can be installed within a couple of days.

Roxbury Stairlifts | Comfort

The stairlift is adjustable to easily accommodate the height of the person using it. It has padded armrest and seat for maximum comfort. Knowing that you can reach all levels of your home in comfort and easy access, a stairlift is the answer. A stairlift still provides full access to the stairs. When having a stairlift installed, the rest of the family still has access to the staircase. As a result, most stairlifts have a foldable chair which fold easily and quickly so the stairs are not blocked to others. Whether the chair is at the top or bottom of the stairs, you can still have full access to the stairs. Lack of mobility should not create challenges and lock you out of the rest of your home. With a stairlift you can easily and safely go to any level of your home without any worry.

Roxbury Stairlifts | Easy to Customize

In addition, stairlifts are not complicated to use. If the stairlift is at the bottom of the stairs and is needed upstairs, there is a remote to access the stairlift to where it is needed. Charging the stairlift when it is not being used guarantees that it will not run out of charge in the middle of use. Even if you have a power outage, the stairlift will still be accessible since it has a power backup. The operation switch is located on the armrest and easy to operate.  Stairlifts are not one size fits all. When a professional installer comes to install your stairlift, they will assess all the different aspects like width, length and design of the stairs. This is important for the stairlift to work properly all the time without any glitches.

Searching for the best Roxbury Stairlifts company? AIP Mobility Plus is the place to call. AIP Mobility Plus have all labor performed is guaranteed for one full year. If you are not completely satisfied with our work, we’ll strive to make it right and do our craft better. Also, many of the preferred products, services, and materials have warranties from the manufacturers, so you can rest assured that the repair or modification is covered. We are looking forward to helping you with your home maintenance mobility service. Contact us today at 973-607-3211 or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you quickly.

AIP Mobility Plus

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