Stair Lift Medicare
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Are you thinking of Stair Lift Medicare options? Mobility issues usually increase with age. Having a multi-level home can be tricky for someone with mobility issues. Some people that are considering purchasing stair lifts often think about how Medicare can assist with payments. Medicare is a federal program that helps people 65 and older. People that have disabilities may be able to qualify for Medicare even if they are not 65 years of age. Medicare includes hospital visits, surgeries, medications and some medical equipment. There are different plans with different guidelines and benefits.

Stair Lift Medicare

 Stair Lift Medicare | What is Covered?

Most elderly people that are starting to have mobility issues look into getting a stair lift. If you have mobility problems and live in a home that has more than one floor and climbing up or down the stairs is a safety concern, a stair lift may be a solution.. Most seniors want to grow old in their own home and a stair lift can help them remain in their home. People wondering if Medicare can help with expenses when thinking of buying a stairlift for their home. Medicare may not pay for stair lifts. Medicare does help with other durable medical equipment that is considered a necessity for survival.

Stair Lift Medicare | Will They Pay?

There are several different parts to Medicare. With original Medicare, various types of medical equipment are covered under Medicare Part B section. Medicare believes a stairlift is a medical device for self-help. Original Medicare will not cover any type of equipment that is not considered a medical necessity. There are Medicare Advantage plans that may cover some of the cost of a stairlift. These are additional ways of receiving Medicare coverage. As a result, Medicare Advantage plans offer additional benefits. Therefore, speaking with a qualifying professional to find out your options and the availability of these plans. As a result, a professional will help you decide what is best for your situation.

Stair Lift Medicare | Supplemental

Medicare supplemental insurance which does not cover stair lifts. This supplemental to your Medicare is to help with deductibles and copays that are normally covered with Medicare. Therefore, since original Medicare does not help with the cost of a stair lift, the supplemental that works together with Medicare will not either.

Stair Lift Medicare | Determine Medical Necessity

Talking with an insurance professional will help you find out the coverage rules and costs available through the Medicare Advantage plan. Therefore, schedule an appointment with your physician to determine if a stair lift is a medical necessity. Then you can submit it to Medicare for an evaluation and availability. If a person has severe arthritis or incapable of standing up from a regular chair it may be a necessity. If a stair lift is part of the doctor’s treatment to help their patient improve and slow down the deterioration of their condition, a Medicare participating supplier may be available. As a result, it is best to speak with a professional to get the right information.

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