Stairlift Removal

Are you or your loved one finishing using your stairlift and are wondering how to get it removed? Or perhaps are you looking to upgrade? Is there a concern that after the stairlift is removed there will be damage to your staircase and the surrounding area?

Let AIP Mobility Plus come to the rescue! We are a professional stairlift installation and removal company. Below we list a few questions many people are asking.

  • After removal will there be damage? Our entire expert team ensures a smooth removal with little or no damage. If the stairlift was installed on a wooden floor there may be a few tiny holes where the brackets were drilled. If it was on a carpet there may be a few indentations that will eventually go away.  If the stairlift was installed outdoors and attached to tile or stone there may be a few marks, however, these can be easy to fill in.
  • How long does a removal take? Once we set up a pre-arranged time to come out and remove the lift it should only take one to two hours. If you are upgrading to a new model we can install that at the same time as the removal.
Stairlift Removal, AIP Mobility Plus, NJ

Why Choose AIP Mobility Plus for Your Morris County Stair Lift Removal

Stairlift removals can be tricky, the lifts are heavy. Removing without the proper knowledge and experience is highly not recommended. Injury can happen as well as increased damage can be done to the home. 

AIP Mobility Plus is a locally owned and operating company. We value integrity and honesty. Our entire team will always treat your home as if it was their own. We offer complete stairlift packages, including indoor and outdoor stairlifts as well as precise installation and removal services. Give us a call at 973-607-3211 or contact us using our contact form.