Wheelchair Ramp Rentals
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Looking for a Wheelchair Ramp Rental?

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that more than 15 percent of people have problems with their mobility every day. This means, for these people, moving around can be difficult. If the adult is lucky, he or she has a temporary mobility problem that surgery will fix. Maybe they might need hip or knee surgery. For others, the mobility issue is lifelong. If you or someone you love struggles with mobility, we have products that can help you. One of the services we provide at AIP Mobility Plus is wheelchair ramp rentals. Not sure about what you might need to get the best mobility? We have some solutions for you.

Why Wheelchair Ramps?

Adults are living increasingly longer lives. While that is encouraging, many adults struggle with mobility issues as they age. As adults get older, they find it more difficult to move up and down the stairs, for example. Some adults are able to get in and out of their homes using a cane. However, a cane may not be enough. Many adults also struggle with balance as they age. This is especially true of adults who have dementia or Parkinson’s disease. Increasingly, these adults need help with their balance. Wheelchair ramps offer stability and balance for adults who struggle with mobility.

Wheelchair Ramps

Do you need wheelchair ramps in NJ? There are many kinds of wheelchair ramps available. While some people have a wheelchair ramp built for their homes, this may not be convenient for you. Depending on the type of home you live in, wheelchair ramps can be expensive to build. Also, building a ramp might not be practical. This is especially true if you are having temporary mobility issues.

If you are a business and need a temporary wheelchair ramp for your business property or are having a special event a wheelchair ramp rental should be considered.

Not sure what kind of wheelchair ramp you need? We can help with that.

Modular Wheelchair Ramps

Modular wheelchair ramps offer a great alternative to a permanent placement. Wheelchair ramps allow people with mobility issues to continue to live in the homes they love. Adults will be safe and won’t have to struggle to get up and down the stairs or to balance themselves. Aluminum wheelchair ramps are the gold standard for modular ramps. Aluminum ramps can withstand a good deal of wear and tear and load-bearing weight. The ramps come in a variety of lengths. You may only need a ramp that is 2 feet long. Or, you may need a longer ramp. At AIP Mobility Plus, we can do this. Our company can build a ramp to your specifications. If your home has a difficult entrance, and you need a ramp with several turns, don’t worry. Our modular wheelchair ramps separate into sections. That means we can put in as many turns as you need.

Best of all, we can build and dismantle our wheelchair ramps in a matter of minutes or hours. If you no longer need the ramp, we will be happy to come to your home and remove it. Also, wheelchair ramps are much more reasonable than moving someone into a nursing home or an assisted living facility. One month of renting a wheelchair ramp costs as little as $195 a month. One month in a nursing home or an assisted living facility can cost as much as $10,000 per month. The cost savings for you or your family are enormous. Of course, if something goes wrong with your wheelchair ramp, we will take care of it.

AIP Mobility Plus the Professional Wheelchair Ramp Rentals Company

If you are looking for a wheelchair ramp for you, someone you love or for temporary business use, why not give us a call? Contact AIP Mobility Plus, located in Chatham, NJ, in Morris County today!

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